New York Law Journal

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Parents Ordered to Liquidate Business to Pay Back Son

A Nassau County judge has ordered a receiver to liquidate the assets of a business to use as payment for a $151,835 settlement reached between the parents of a child actor and their son. In Mirotznik v. Labove, 756-02, Supreme Court Justice John P. Dunne ruled that the Charles M. Mirotznik, the guardian, was entitled to a receiver to ensure that the proceeds of Joseph Labove's used car dealership went to pay a settlement due to his son, Josh Labove. The boy has appeared on Sesame Street, in soap operas and in some 20 commercials. Justice Dunne's order followed a settlement reached between the guardian and the boy's parents, who allegedly owed him about $300,000, which he earned from acting jobs.

By Leigh Jones

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